Native American Stories of the Night Sky

COMMUNITY EVENTS: Native American Stories of the Night Sky

Christy A. Schmidt, Information Manager

On Friday, April 21, my husband and I, and another 150 people, attended the Mount Kearsarge Indian Museum Native American Stories of the Night Sky. While sipping hot cocoa and hot cider, and enjoying s’mores, attendees gathered around the campfire to listen to tales of the stars.

My favorite was the Winnipesaukee story of trip through the stars to the afterlife. I’m paraphrasing:

All the dogs you have ever known guard a log over a deep chasm. You must cross that chasm to reach the afterlife. If you were good to the dogs – took care of them, loved them, respected them – they will hold that log steady and help you pass. But if you were cruel to them… you’re not getting across!

After the many stories, including an Irish folk tale and some attendees were invited to share, we were able to view Venus and the Moon through telescopes provided by the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center. The weather was cool but clear – and we had an incredible view of the heavens. Discovery Center volunteers were there to educate and inform.

What a wonderful evening! Humans have always enjoyed an oral tradition, sharing stories, history, songs and poetry. The evening was a reminder that no matter our heritage, we share our knowledge and experience through stories.

Check out the BHG Milestone Team Community Calendar for other amazing events – events featuring everything from arts to music to history enliven our life in New Hampshire! Get out there and have some fun!

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Photo courtesy of Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum

Local Artist: Jane Kenyon

Fair use

LOCAL ARTIST DAY: Poet, Jane Kenyon

When the BHG Milestone Team is not helping our community with real estate transactions, we are trading books and sharing stories. This week, Marilyn sent me information about a local poet – and I am thrilled to share her with you!

Meet New Hampshire’s past poet laureate (January 1995-March 1999), Jane Kenyon. She published four volumes of poetry – From Room to Room (1978), The Boat of Quiet Hours (1986), Let Evening Come (1990), and Constance (1993). She was also a talented translator, publishing Twenty Poems of Anna Akmatova (1985).

Fair use; Photograph by Stephen Blos.

Although Kenyon was born in Michigan, she called New Hampshire home in 1975 when she and her husband, poet Donald Hall, moved to his ancestral home in Wilmot. The property has been rescued and is being lovingly restored and managed by At Eagle Pond, Inc..

The film, A Life Together, celebrates the creative couple.

To truly know Jane Kenyon, one must experience her simple but emotionally resonant poetry. In the film, In Her Shoes, the character, Maggie, played by Cameron Diaz, is learning to read. To practice, she reads several poems – including Kenyon’s “Let Evening Come.”

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NH: The State of Firsts


Whether you're a New Hampshire newbie or a born granite starter, you may not be aware of the number of achievements New Hampshire has come in at #1. Take a look:

If you find any other New Hampshire Firsts, let us know!

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NH Living: Songs of New Hampshire

Did you know?

Songs of New Hampshire

New Hampshire has 9 state songs: One OfficialOld New Hampshire -and 8 honorary songs. So, let’s sing-along!

We can also add songs that have not been granted an honorary title, but that capture all that is New Hampshire in a modern way: 

And probably the most popular and known New Hampshire tribute: New Hampshire by Sonic Youth!

Happy World Wildlife Day!

Photo Credit: C. A. Schmidt

The Milestone Team of realtors know that one of the many advantages of living in New Hampshire, and in our very own Merrimack County, is our connection to nature and the many beautiful places to enjoy time with friends and family. This month, as we celebrate World Wildlife Day (March 3rd), we suggest a family outing for bird watching! You probably know the New Hampshire state bird is the Purple Finch (pictured above). But New Hampshire has 190 native bird species – and as spring is upon us, this time of year is perfect for spotting our feathered friends among the just budding trees! Put away those computers and phones and get outdoors with your binoculars – or camera. Use a fast shutter speed (at least 1/1000)  And share your photos with us so we can enjoy what you discover!

Find more adventures on our Community Calendar!

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