Local Artist: Jane Kenyon

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LOCAL ARTIST DAY: Poet, Jane Kenyon

When the BHG Milestone Team is not helping our community with real estate transactions, we are trading books and sharing stories. This week, Marilyn sent me information about a local poet – and I am thrilled to share her with you!

Meet New Hampshire’s past poet laureate (January 1995-March 1999), Jane Kenyon. She published four volumes of poetry – From Room to Room (1978), The Boat of Quiet Hours (1986), Let Evening Come (1990), and Constance (1993). She was also a talented translator, publishing Twenty Poems of Anna Akmatova (1985).

Fair use; Photograph by Stephen Blos.

Although Kenyon was born in Michigan, she called New Hampshire home in 1975 when she and her husband, poet Donald Hall, moved to his ancestral home in Wilmot. The property has been rescued and is being lovingly restored and managed by At Eagle Pond, Inc..

The film, A Life Together, celebrates the creative couple.

To truly know Jane Kenyon, one must experience her simple but emotionally resonant poetry. In the film, In Her Shoes, the character, Maggie, played by Cameron Diaz, is learning to read. To practice, she reads several poems – including Kenyon’s “Let Evening Come.”

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