Lakes & Ponds in the Greater Lake Sunapee Region

Follow the links below each body of water for additional, detailed information, as well as the key code for the types of fish to be found in each.

Fish Species Codes (species present are shown on maps)

American eel
Chain pickerel
Rock bass
Black crappie
Lake trout
Redbreast sunfish
Horned pout (same as BBH / brown bullhead)
Smallmouth bass
Brook trout
Landlocked salmon
Brown bullhead
Largemouth bass
Tiger trout
Brown trout
Lake whitefish
Northern pike
White perch
Burbot (aka cusk)
Rainbow smelt
Yellow perch
Common white sucker
Rainbow trout

Baptist Pond

Baptist Pond is a lake located just 3.8 miles from Springfield, in Sullivan County, near Georges Mills, NH. Fishermen will find a variety of fish including pumpkinseed, smallmouth bass, sucker, perch and panfish here. It covers 98 acres with a maximum depth of 24 ft.

Blaisdell Lake

Blaisdell Lake is a 150-acre lake located in Sutton. Privately owned residences dot the shoreline, and there is one summer camp owned and operated by the Girl Scouts. Its maximum depth is 42.9 feet.

Blaisdell Lake Map 

Bradley Lake

This lake, located in Andover, consists of 169 acres with a maximum depth of 65 ft. No boats with petroleum-powered motors in excess of 30 horsepower are allowed on the lake. Andover is home to Proctor Academy, a private school for grades 9-12, providing roughly 360 students a unique educational model.

Bradley Lake Map 

Chalk Pond 

Chalk Pond is a smaller pond of about 21 acres. The Sunapee Hills Association at Chalk Pond offers tennis, playground, volleyball, a boat launch for canoes and kayaks, and clubhouse. No motorized boats are allowed. For access to year-round activities, Mt. Sunapee Resort and the Lake Sunapee State Beach are not far away.


Chase Pond

A 23-acre pond in Wilmot. In addition to some private residences which have their own pond frontage, a small group of condominium cottages share a beach along the southern shoreline.

Dutchman’s Pond

Dutchman’s Pond is a 27-acre pond located in Springfield. Much of the shoreline is protected from development. Its maximum depth is about 10 ft.

Dutchman's Pond Map 

Eastman Lake

Grantham is home to Eastman Lake which has 334 acres with a maximum depth of 30 ft.  Eastman is a residential and recreational community offering an active four-season lifestyle. There are miles of hiking/cross-country ski trails, tennis, a golf course, activity/fitness center with 3 lane pool, restaurant and beaches.

Eastman Lake Map 

Highland Lake

Highland Lake in East Andover is located fairly near Proctor Academy and about ten miles from Ragged Mountain Ski area. It consists of 206 acres with a maximum depth of 44 ft. The nearby Northern Rail Trail is a 62 mile long, 13 ft. wide outdoor activity venue where people can bike, run, walk, cross-country ski, etc. while meandering by lakes, quaint villages and forest land.

Highland Lake Map 

Kezar Lake

Kezar Lake offers swimming at beautiful Wadleigh State Park where tall pines shade picnic areas. This area is great for summer and fall gatherings. The Park has playing fields, a bathhouse and picnic tables. Kezar Lake is in Sutton and covers 181 acres with a maximum depth of 26.8 feet. The 3-mile picturesque roadway around the lake is popular with runners and walkers. New Hampshire Country Club, a public golf course, is nearby.

Kezar Lake Map 

Lake Kolelemook

A 94-acre lake in Springfield with a maximum depth of 22 ft.  For fishing you’ll find small mouth bass, brook trout, and eastern chain pickerel . There is a town boat launch for residents.

Lake Kolelemook Map

Lake Massasecum

This 409-acre lake is in the town of Bradford. The lake has three islands and a maximum depth of 50 ft. There is a public park with a beach and campground.

Lake Massasecum Map 

Lake Sunapee

Lake Sunapee is a glacial lake and is the fifth largest lake in NH with a total of nearly 70 miles of shoreline. The lake is approximately 8.1 miles long, as much as 2.5 miles across, covering 4,090 acres with a maximum depth of 104 ft.  There are eleven islands on the lake and 3 lighthouses on the National Register of Historic Places. The towns encompassing the lake are Sunapee, Georges Mills (Sunapee), New London and Newbury. Mt. Sunapee State Park offers a lovely sandy beach, a public boat launch and bathhouse. The public boat launches are monitored by the Lake Sunapee Protective Association.

Lake Sunapee Map 

Lake Todd

Lake Todd is in Newbury which also has a harbor on Lake Sunapee. It consists of 168 acres with a maximum depth of 20 ft. It is an active lake for boating and fishing.

Ledge Pond

Located in Sunapee on 110 acres. The Town of Sunapee and its Conservation Commission donated a conservation easement protecting 41% of the shore frontage on Ledge Pond to the Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust. The property was originally owned by the Town to protect the pond’s water quality; it was formerly used as the drinking water source for Georges Mills. The easement includes a total of 103.32 acres and over 5,100 feet of shore frontage. The bulk of the property is a town forest, managed for timber as well as water protection, wildlife habitat, and pedestrian and snowmobile access by the public. Common loons nest on the pond, which is ranked among the highest quality wildlife habitat in New Hampshire. A public parking area, located off of Meadow Brook Road, allows walkers/hikers to park and walk less than a half mile along a wooded road to the pond.

Ledge Pond Map 

Little Lake Sunapee

This lake is primarily located in New London with 471 acres. It is sometimes referred to as “Twin Lakes” because of a narrow peninsula that almost cuts the lake in half. Its maximum depth is 42 ft. Bucklin Beach is the town beach enjoyed by New London residents, at the east end of the lake and offers a bathhouse, and several water sports. There is also a monitored public boat launch at the other end of the lake.

Little Lake Sunapee Map 

Mascoma Lake

Mascoma Lake covers 1,158 acres, mostly in the town of Enfield, with a portion in Lebanon, NH. The maximum depth is 68 ft. The lake is home to the Dartmouth College sailing team.

Mascoma Lake Map   

Messer Pond

With 72 acres, this warm water pond offers some of the best fishing in the region with over a dozen varieties. The maximum depth is 25 ft. There is a monitored public boat launch.

Messer Pond Map

Mountain View Lake

Mountain View Lake is 104 acres with a maximum depth of 22 ft. located in Sunapee.  For year-round activities, Mount Sunapee Resort is just minutes away.

Otter Pond

This pond is 185 acres with a maximum depth of 25 ft.  It can be a popular spot for iceboating in the winter before too much snow flies! Because it is relatively small and doesn’t get a lot of traffic, it’s often a choice spot for water skiers.

Otter Pond Map  

Perkins Pond

Located in Sunapee, this pond has 157 acres with a maximum depth of about 9 ft.  You might see beaver, blue heron, ducks and loons while fishing for the BIG ONE!

Perkins Pond Map 

Pleasant Lake

A 602-acre lake in New London with a town beach in the village of Elkins.  A favorite picnic spot for boaters on the lake is on the one island known as Blueberry Island. There is a monitored public boat launch.

Pleasant Lake Map 

Rand Pond

A spring-fed pond encompassing 38 acres with a maximum depth of 27 ft.  Only small watercraft 10 hsp or less are allowed. 

Rand Pond Map    

Stocker Pond

Located in Grantham, NH, Stocker Pond encompasses 75 acres with an average depth of 19 ft. There is no public access, and non-motorized boats are allowed.

Stocker Pond Map

Waukeena Lake

Waukeena Lake is a 56 acre coldwater lake located in Danbury.  Its maximum depth is 20 ft.  No motorboats are allowed.

Waukeena Lake Map 

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