Welcome Your Guests with Pink Pineapples!

Welcome Your Guests with Pink Pineapples

When you’ve traveled down Main Street in New London, you’ve noticed our seasonal BHG Milestone Team daily flags! It’s a BHG Milestone Team favorite – and we have some special Pineapple Welcome flags. Did you know the pineapple is the worldwide symbol of hospitality? In Colonial times, the pineapple was treasured and rare – and extremely difficult to cultivate. So, the pineapple became a fruit for the wealthy only. In fact, a George Washington-era pineapple would cost up to $8,000!!! (That’s $280,000 in today’s money!) The scarcity and price made pineapples the perfect choice to serve honored guests – and became a symbol of welcome and reference for visitors. Today, we can celebrate with pineapples of all colors – like the Pinkglow® Pineapple! When you see our pineapple flag, come on in for a visit as an honored BHG Milestone Team guest!

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Photo courtesy of DelMonte.

Is Owning a Home a Good Investment?

Is Owning a Home a Good Investment?

The short answer is YES. According to House Logic and The BHG Milestone experts, owning a home has financial – and emotional – benefits! Consider:

  • Long-term financial growth. Real estate appreciates!
  • Building equity. From your downpayment to your mortgage payments (minus fees and interest), each dime adds to your home’s equity.
  • Income tax advantages. The sale of your primary residence allows you (in most cases) to avoid tax on your profit ($250,000 for an individual; $500,000 for a couple).
  • Additional itemized deductions. If you itemize your taxes, you can deduct property tax, some closing fees (like points), and mortgage interest!
  • Fixed monthly payments. Your rent might (will) increase – but your mortgage payment is fixed.
  • Improved credit score. Pay on time and reap the benefit!
  • Your space – your castle. When you own your home, you can remodel and decorate any way you desire!
  • Your sanctuary. Your home is your private sanctuary. It’s all yours!

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Get Creative - 2023 Color of the Year

Photo courtesy of Pantone

Meet Viva Magenta 18-1750, Pantone's color for 2023.  This “nuanced crimson red tone” is “dynamic without being aggressive or overpowering.” Whether you choose to use Viva Magenta for a statement wall in your home or as a splash of color for a vase or place setting, expect compliments! Other decorating colors favored for 2023: Spanish Moss (Krylon), Raspberry Blush (Benjamin Moore), Terra Rosa (Dunn-Edwards), Redend Point (Sherwin-Williams), and Vining Ivy (Glidden). For those of us who prefer neutrals, 2023 brings us Blank Canvas (Behr) and Rustic Greige (Dutch Boy) . Valspar has chosen 12 versatile “livable” paint colors, including Southern Road and Gentle Violet. Better Homes & Gardens (at Walmart) has chosen Canyon Ridge as its color for 2023. We think it’s a perfect chose to freshen your kitchen – or even your living room! 

Feel free to contact us and one of our Milestone Team members will explore ways to make your home market-ready!

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Make My House a Home: Living Walls Bring Life and Luxury

Image courtesy of Herb Garden Designs

Whether you are shopping for, recently purchased, staging to sell, or want to beautify your home, BHG The Milestone Team is your source for creating your dream lifestyle. This season, we have discovered living walls are all the rage for home décor.  What is a living wall? A living wall is a vertical garden and a way to bring nature tastefully into your indoor space. You’ve seen these displays in commercial spaces, but homeowners are embracing the trend. Plants not only benefit your physical well-being, adding oxygen and purifying the air, but also improve mental well-being. Various tasteful installation methods, including container, trellis, felt and panel systems, hide the planting medium (dirt)

Come back to visit The Milestone Team for more ways to make your home your special sanctuary!

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