Native American Stories of the Night Sky

COMMUNITY EVENTS: Native American Stories of the Night Sky

Christy A. Schmidt, Information Manager

On Friday, April 21, my husband and I, and another 150 people, attended the Mount Kearsarge Indian Museum Native American Stories of the Night Sky. While sipping hot cocoa and hot cider, and enjoying s’mores, attendees gathered around the campfire to listen to tales of the stars.

My favorite was the Winnipesaukee story of trip through the stars to the afterlife. I’m paraphrasing:

All the dogs you have ever known guard a log over a deep chasm. You must cross that chasm to reach the afterlife. If you were good to the dogs – took care of them, loved them, respected them – they will hold that log steady and help you pass. But if you were cruel to them… you’re not getting across!

After the many stories, including an Irish folk tale and some attendees were invited to share, we were able to view Venus and the Moon through telescopes provided by the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center. The weather was cool but clear – and we had an incredible view of the heavens. Discovery Center volunteers were there to educate and inform.

What a wonderful evening! Humans have always enjoyed an oral tradition, sharing stories, history, songs and poetry. The evening was a reminder that no matter our heritage, we share our knowledge and experience through stories.

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Photo courtesy of Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum

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