Happy World Wildlife Day!

Photo Credit: C. A. Schmidt

The Milestone Team of realtors know that one of the many advantages of living in New Hampshire, and in our very own Merrimack County, is our connection to nature and the many beautiful places to enjoy time with friends and family. This month, as we celebrate World Wildlife Day (March 3rd), we suggest a family outing for bird watching! You probably know the New Hampshire state bird is the Purple Finch (pictured above). But New Hampshire has 190 native bird species – and as spring is upon us, this time of year is perfect for spotting our feathered friends among the just budding trees! Put away those computers and phones and get outdoors with your binoculars – or camera. Use a fast shutter speed (at least 1/1000)  And share your photos with us so we can enjoy what you discover!

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