We understand that purchasing a new home is one of the most important financial decisions you will make in your lifetime.

Buying or selling a home can be an exciting and also confusing time. You can't expect to know all the in's and out's, so let our experts at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate The Milestone Team guide you through the process.

Six Simple Steps - A successful home buying experience is built on these basics

  1. Select a REALTOR® with whom you can identify, trust, and be comfortable. Ask them to thoroughly explain the search process for you.
  2. Identify the important elements of your dream house and the resources you'll be applying to the purchase (i.e. savings, cash from sale of current home, stocks, bonds, gifts). Once your finances and goals are in order, share them with your REALTOR®. A good REALTOR® will help you make the most of your resources. But in order to do this, s/he needs to know what you want and what you have at your disposal.
  3. Manage the process. Don't be afraid to be an active participant. Home buying is fun and exciting - an adventure and a new beginning! Let your REALTOR® keep the experience stress free by looking to them for expert assistance, coordination and counsel along the way.
  4. Plan ahead. A good plan is essential and includes: The services of a good REALTOR®; a clear picture of your resources and how you'll invest them; time for viewing and reviewing properties; being prepared for negotiations, and finally, success!
  5. Learn what is available, at what cost, in which neighborhoods. Find out about neighborhood amenities as well, and consider how well they match up with your goals and dreams.
  6. Expect decision-making time. It takes time and energy to think and talk about which home is best for you. Expect to negotiate the contract if necessary. Expect your REALTOR® to keep you up-to-date and provide you with the best support available. Expect the outcome you want!

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