Six Tips for Winter Home Showings

Donna and Maxi 044Now that winter is here, it brings a new set of challenges for sellers.  In order to keep your home in showing condition, here are a few common sense tips to follow.


  1. Keep your driveway plowed and entryways clear.
  2. Keep walkways and stairs clear of snow and ice.
  3. Don’t let snow pile up on the roof and decks.   At some point, too much snow on the roof can cause ice dams, leaks, and even structural failure. The same goes with decks.
  4. Keep a vacant house heated to at least 50 degrees. A warm house holds more appeal and will allow buyers to take their time looking.   Buyers will rush through cold homes and it leaves a negative impression.  If you are an absentee seller, set up fuel for automatic delivery.
  5. Have a good map to show where your septic system is.  If your house goes under contract and a septic inspection is scheduled, it will speed along the process.
  6. Have a backup plan for extended power outages.  This holds especially true for absentee sellers.  Having the power out for even a day can cause pipes to freeze.

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