The Finer Points

The Finer Points

In the emotional swirl of negotiating on a home, it’s easy to overlook some of the finer points of the contract. Below are some thoughts to keep in mind during this process.

  • While most sales close on time, the closing date is more of a target date. Time is of the essence doesn’t apply here. As long as both parties are making good faith efforts to close, there is no breach of contract.
  • Buyers can move into the home right after closing and typically do a walk-thru inspection 24 hrs. prior to closing. This means sellers should be completely moved out prior to the day of closing.
  • There is an insurance clause in the contract stating sellers need to keep the home insured including replacement cost coverage until closing.
  • Firewood and wood pellets are considered fuel and buyers are expected to reimburse sellers for what is left. Best to address this upfront in the offer with regards to quantity and price.
  • TV brackets, bookshelves that look built-in, and Nest thermostats for example, can become points of contention. Again, addressing these items in the contract is prudent.

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