Welcome Your Guests with Pink Pineapples!

Welcome Your Guests with Pink Pineapples

When you’ve traveled down Main Street in New London, you’ve noticed our seasonal BHG Milestone Team daily flags! It’s a BHG Milestone Team favorite – and we have some special Pineapple Welcome flags. Did you know the pineapple is the worldwide symbol of hospitality? In Colonial times, the pineapple was treasured and rare – and extremely difficult to cultivate. So, the pineapple became a fruit for the wealthy only. In fact, a George Washington-era pineapple would cost up to $8,000!!! (That’s $280,000 in today’s money!) The scarcity and price made pineapples the perfect choice to serve honored guests – and became a symbol of welcome and reference for visitors. Today, we can celebrate with pineapples of all colors – like the Pinkglow® Pineapple! When you see our pineapple flag, come on in for a visit as an honored BHG Milestone Team guest!

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Photo courtesy of DelMonte.